Features/Core capabilities

Key Features:


User Management (CRUD)

Creation of LUA and MUA users and updating user profile, fetching user information, block and unblock user, associating user with organisation etc are implemented via this feature

Organisation Management (CRUD)

This feature provides CRUD APIs for maintaining organisation details.

Location Management (CRUD)

Provides CRUD APIs for managing location master data.

Consent Management

This helps to capture user consent to share the PII in organisation level and course collection level.

OTP Services

Helps to generate OTP and send notification either through email or phone. Also OTP validation, expiry, rate limit are managed using this feature.

Notes Management

User can capture notes when content is being played. This service provides the CRUD APIs for the same.

Tenant Configurations

This service can be used to maintain tenant organisation level configurations.

Backend Services

Admins can upload master data in to location, organisation. This service allows to create users and update user information.

System Settings

This service is used to configure system / application settings like default organisation, various T&C etc

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