Developer Guide

Sunbird Lern enables a host of capabilities that have been utilised by various adopters to create program specific workflows for their users. For instance, Shikshalokam has created an leadership platform to train leaders in education - using componets from Sunbird Lern such as the User & Org service as well as the Batch Service. The flexibility of being able to choose the components that are required for the adopter, and the ability to configure them at will (instead of having to build ground up) is what makes it easier to deploy solutions using the Sunbird suite.

The following table lists out the various components that make up the Sunbird Lern building block, with a brief description of what each module pertains to. This can be used to get an understanding of what capabilities this specific building block can be used to enable. Further descriptions of each component, the configurations available within etc. are detailed in the pages specific to the component.



APIs that enable user and org management operations (including C-R-U-D) for users and organisations on the platform, as well as several other capabilities including Consent management as well as OTP services. See the page for the 'User Org service' component for further details.

The Batch Service comprises APIs that permit for creation of cohorts of users in the context of content collections, allowing for Batch management capabilities (tracking progress of users within a batch, assigning of mentors to batches as well as start and end dates for batches, attaching credentials etc.)

APIs that enable Groups related functionalities which include create/ deactivate groups, add/remove members, add/remove learning assets and enable/disable forums.

Group of APIs that enable embedding of discussion forums in any context within Sunbird. Also see Discussion Forum UX tool.

This module powers the creation and sending of notifications to sets of users - this is a capability that can be leveraged by other workflows to communicate to their end users.

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