Sunbird-lern portal for DF

To test discussion forum application we have created a new angular application.

Follow the below steps to setup the lern-portal in your local.


  1. Start the discussions-middleware.

  2. If your middleware is pointed to local nodebb then run the below items. if not skip this step.

    1. Start redis db.

    2. Start local nodebb.

Learn-portal setup

Clone the below repo.

>> git clone

How to run UI

Step 1

Run the command yarn under root folder to install the packages.

Step 2

Run the command npm run dev to start the ui.

How to run server

Step 1

Go to server folder cd server and Run the command yarn to install packages.

Step 2

Run the command npm run start to start the server.

Step 3

Now go to browser and open Lern-portal.

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