Sunbird Lern is primarily a set of microservices along with some reference UX widgets that offer capabilities to enable tracking of a user’s learning journey as well as enable interactions and collaboration among users. These capabilities can be leveraged by any adopter with requirements for measurement of learning progress, creation and management of cohorts/ batches of learners, as well as enabling collaboration capabilities such as Groups or Discussion forums. The Lern services are also employed for creation and management of user accounts and organizations within a Sunbird instance.

A few examples of solutions that can be assembled with Lern include:

  • Integration of Sunbird to an existing system to allow valid users with accounts on the system to login via single sign-on to Sunbird

  • Bulk-create a set of user accounts for a set of participants in a workshop that uses an online platform/ Sunbird

  • Allow for generation of and issuing of certificates to participants of a course in a workshop that uses an online platform/ Sunbird

  • Assign rights (say content creation rights) to an identified set of users for say a content creation workshop

  • Assign a group of learners to a batch and allow them take a course within specified start-end dates.

  • Enable a discussion forum for a Batch of users taking a course or a Group of users so that participants can collaborate

  • Create a group of users, assign learning material, courses and quizzes to them, and track their progress or scores against Courses.

  • Send notifications to a set of users about new content / activities that have been added on the platform

Sunbird Lern can be utilized to enable learning solutions that necessitate tracking of user progress and scores, issuance of certificates based on some criteria as well as to form defined Groups of users, or permit collaboration between them via forums.

Key Capabilities that Sunbird Lern can enable:

  • User Account Creation & Administration Capabilities: New user account creation, user login/ authentication and user profile with passbook. Assigning and management of user roles. Management of location and other master data. Enable login via various methods including userID/ password as well as SSO via Google or similar systems

  • Launch Courses via Batches: Create and manage course batches, review user progress and performance on assessments, and issue rule-based certificate

  • Engagement & Collaboration: Engage users through groups and discussion forums, events, and notifications.

  • Notifications for users: Send notifications to users to inform them about programs deadlines or for system level activity such as generation of a certificate or creation of an account.


Sunbird Lern is leveraged in DIKSHA - Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing, the national school education platform of India.

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