Sunbird Lern
Sunbird Lern is a building block comprising of core services that enable tracking of a user’s learning journey as well as enables user interactions and collaborations by providing various set of tools and micro services. These capabilities can be leveraged by any adopter with requirements for measurement of learning progress, creation and management of cohorts/ batches of learners, as well as enabling collaboration capabilities such as Groups or Discussion forums.
The Lern services are also employed for creation and management of user accounts and organisations within the Sunbird instance.
This building block consists of several components, each of which provides specific functionalities. Key functional modules among these include:
  • User authentication and account creation
  • User Org Service: C-R-U-D operations for management of entities such as the user, Organisation as well as Location - within the Sunbird system.
  • Role management: User rights & system roles management
  • Batch management and Progress Tracking
  • Groups and Discussion Forums for collaboration
  • Notifications for users
Adopters: Diksha,
Contributors: EkStep,
Last Release Date:
Last modified 3d ago
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