Sunbird LERN uses other Sunbird Building Blocks which are listed below:

Sunbird Knowlg

Content-service in Sunbird Knowlg is used for creating, updating and validating the channel info during organisation creation. Also framework APIs in Sunbird Knowlg is used for validating the user framework selection.

Resolution: Sunbird Knowlg : Content service provides capabilities such as creating content against channel and associating a framework to channel using channel configurations. Sunbird Lern - User&Org service is user and organisation management system. It can be used independently to maintain user and organisation details and their association if some changes are made to organisation management apis to remove the content service dependency.

Sunbird RC

Credential Service and Credential Registry in Sunbird RC is used by the batch service to generate certificates for the user.

Resolution: Similar adopter service can be configured in Batch service to generate certificates instead of using Sunbird RC

Sunbird Ed

Form APIs from Sunbird Ed is used to validate the profile information of the user.

Resolution: User create and Update APIs in User& Org service will need to have Sunbird Ed dependency only if profileUserType and profileLocation need to be saved with user info.

Sunbird Telemetry

Sunbird Telemetry is a specification to instrument all the key events. Using this specification reference applications & services will generate telemetry events.

Resolution: Sunbird Lern generates various telemetry events for logging, audit, monitoring and tracing purpose. Currently the spec is tightly coupled with code base.

Sunbird Obsrv

Telemetry service and data pipeline of Sunbird Obsrv is used to process and store the telemetry events and custom data products.

Resolution: Any other service which can process the telemetry events generated by Sunbird Lern can be used instead of Sunbird Obsrv.

Sunbird inQuiry

Lern uses Sunbird Inquiry to fetch meta data for QuestionSets


to fetch the metadata of QuestionSet.

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