Discussion-UI setup along with demo application.


Discussion-UI library is an angular base library that will help any platform to configure and use a discussion forum.

In the Sunbird use case, any of the learning sections can have a discussion forum attached to it like Courses, Groups, etc. This is being achieved by this library.

Git Repository:


  1. Nodebb Local setup

How to setup Discussions-UI


Clone the discussion-ui repo from https://github.com/Sunbird-Ed/discussions-UI.git.

git clone git@github.com:Sunbird-Ed/discussions-UI.git 2> cd discussion-UI


Install dependencies.



Change the configuration of library/application to communicate with local NodeBB & Discussion-middleware Note: Make sure Local discussion-middeware & NodeBB is running.

the host in urlconfig.json file. Add below url.

host: 'http://localhost:3002'


Build the discussion-ui library using.

npm run build-lib

This will generate a dist file along with assets. For every change in discussion-ui library you have to run build command.


Run the demo application using the command.

npm run demo

This is a simple angular application which is used to test df-library in local.

Note: Demo application will run on port 4200.


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