Discussion Middleware

In Discussion forum middleware we have add the below configuration in environmentHelper.js file.

let localEnvVariables = {
    NODEBB_SERVICE_URL: env.nodebb_service_url || 'http://localhost:4567', 
    Authorization:  env.authorization_token || 'd8402b15-1d5f-4d84-9fae-595ef805f287', // Your local nodebb Master token
    nodebb_api_slug: env.nodebb_api_slug || '/api'

NODEBB_SERVICE_URL : This is your nodebb url by default local nodebb will run on port 4567. and the url is http://localhost:4567.

Authorization: This in nodebb authorization token (Write-api master token) and we have to send this token for all node apis.

nodebb_api_slug: All nodebb api should be prepend with /api

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