Data Dictionary

List of tables in Cassandra database used in LMS service

sunbird_courses.question [PRIMARY KEY: id] - (User Defined Type - used in sunbird_courses.assessment_aggregator)

sunbird_courses.user_content_consumption [PRIMARY KEY (userid, contentid, batchid, courseid)]

Table used to store user content consumption status as part of Course consumption.

sunbird_courses.user_activity_agg [PRIMARY KEY ((activity_type, activity_id, user_id), context_id)]

Table used to store User's Course consumption progress aggregates

sunbird_courses.assessment_aggregator [PRIMARY KEY ((user_id, course_id), batch_id, content_id, attempt_id)]

Table used to store User's Assessment Contents' consumption aggregates

sunbird_courses.course_batch [PRIMARY KEY (courseid, batchid)]

Table used to store Batch information created against Courses.

sunbird_courses.user_enrolments [PRIMARY KEY (userid, courseid, batchid)]

Table used to capture User's information who have enrolled to Course Batch

sunbird_courses.report_user_enrolments [PRIMARY KEY (userid, courseid, batchid)]

Table same as that of 'sunbird_courses.user_enrolments' used for certificate migration

sunbird_courses.bulk_upload_process [PRIMARY KEY: id]

Table used to store information about the bulk user enrolments file upload process.

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