Cassandra Migrator Job

To make data analysis more efficient, we are creating a new table called "report_user_enrolments" in the core cluster. In this table, the partitioning key will be "batchid" instead of "user_id" as in the current "sunbird_courses.user_enrolments" table. Both tables have the same columns and datatypes. To migrate the data from the "user_enrolments" table to the "report_user_enrolments" table, a Cassandra migration job will be used. The Cassandra migrator job performs the data migration from one Cassandra table to another. It reads data from a source table specified in the configuration, performs optional repartitioning based on provided columns, and writes the data to a target table using the Cassandra connector. After the migration is completed successfully, the code generates a metric event with information about the migration, such as the total number of records migrated and the time taken. This metric event is dispatched to a Kafka topic if the configuration allows it. In case of an exception or failure during the migration process, appropriate error handling is performed. The error is logged, and a metric event indicating the failure is generated and dispatched to the Kafka topic if configured.

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  1. user_enrolments

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