Features/Core capabilities

The Discussions Forum allows users to participate in multiple discussions on the forum. Main features are:

  • create multiple discussion categories and have many discussions under each category.

  • post the questions, reply to posts, upvote or downvote posts

  • create topics, forum, groups, users and manage them

  • Tag categories and update privileges

  • The user will be able to edit and delete the topic and post

  • If the user once disables and enables the Discussion Forum the old topics and posts should not be there.

  • Once the user clicks the forum icon he would be able to see 3 tabs,

    • Categories

    • Tags

    • My Discussion

Hierarchy of discussions

The below diagram explains the category & topics created for a Course & Batch. The same can be used for any other types like Group, Quiz, etc.

Category → It is like a container( can hold Sub-containers, Topics)

Topic → This will be always added to the container(Category, Sub-Category). This is a discussion topic/thread created within the category. Users can participate in the topic/discussion.

Post → This will be always added to the Topic. This is the user response/reply given for the discussion topic/thread. The user is participating in the topic by posting.

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