Nodebb setup

Before using the discussion forum we have to do below configurations.


NodeBB is an open source project which can be forked on GitHub (Link). It have plugin support. We can create new plugins for our requirement and link to nodebb.

How to setup nodebb in local environment

Note: Before staring nodebb setup in local. check redis is up and running. If not start redis first and do the setup.


Clone the nodebb repo

git clone -b v1.18.x nodebb


Navigate to nodebb folder and do setup of nodebb using below command

./nodebb setup

While running the setup, nodebb will ask below question for initial setup.

>> URL used to access this NodeBB (http://localhost:4567) : Press Enter 
>> Please enter a NodeBB secret (44abfc50-3d6a-4e6c-a258-9f551f9faa5a) : Press Enter 
>> Would you like to submit anonymous plugin usage to nbbpm? (yes) : Press Enter 
>> Which database to use (mongo) : redis

Now configuring redis database:
>> Host IP or address of your Redis instance ( : Press Enter 
>> Host port of your Redis instance (6379) : Press Enter 
>> Password of your Redis database : Press Enter 
>> Which database to use (0..n) (0) : 3 (redis db number)

Admin User details
>> Administrator username : admin 
>> Administrator email address :
>> Password : Your password
>> Confirm Password : Your password


Now start the nodebb, Using below command.

./nodebb start


Build the nodebb using the below command.

If there is any code change, any admin pannel change or activating/deactivating of plugins then run the below command then your changes will apply.

./nodebb build


Open the browser with fallowing link http://localhost:4567

Use full commands

./nodebb log -> To see the logs
./nodebb status -> To check is nodebb running or not
./nodebb activate plugin-name -> To activate the plugin
./nodebb reset -p plugin-name -> To reset/disable the plugin
./nodebb stop -> To stop nodebb

Mandatory Plugins

We have built our own plugins based on our need. We need to enable those plugins.


Contains all custom api


User login api

Activating Plugins

In this plugins, We added our own apis. Like User login, Enable discussion, read discussion context, disable discussion, user read based on sunbird id …. etc.

To activate plugin. Use below command.

Note: If you want to add any new api or modifing existing api go for plugin setup for local.

a. Using repo as a npm module.

npm install
./nodebb activate nodebb-plugin-create-forum

b. Using from local

  • clone the repo`

  • Execute command npm install

  • Execute command npm link

  • Go to nodebb terminal and execute command npm link nodebb-plugin-create-forum

  • Execute command ./nodebb activate nodebb-plugin-create-forum

  • And execute command ./nodebb build

Note: When you enable or disable any plugin, You have to rebuild and restart your nodebb. Then only the changes will reflects.

Do the same thing for other plugin.

Write api plugin

This in an important plugin, By using this we can do all write operation in nodebb. Like create category/topic/post, updating topic/post, delete topic/post…..etc.

Install nodebb-plugin-write-api

  1. Login to nodebb as a admin user.

  2. Go to admin pannel.


  4. Search for nodebb-plugin-write-api

  5. Click on Install

  6. Rebuild and restart nodebb.

  7. Reload the admin panel.


  9. Search for nodebb-plugin-write-api

  10. Click on Activate

  11. Rebuild and restart nodebb.

What is Master token

To perform any write operations in nodebb we need write api plugin. And this plugin provides apis to do those write operations but If you want to use this apis we have to pass a master token (in request headers as Authorization token) and nodebb user id(add _uid as query param or with in request body ).

How to create master

  1. Login to nodebb as a admin user.

  2. Go to admin pannel.


  4. Left side panel you can see MASTER TOKENS Section.

  5. Click on CREATE TOKEN

Refer this link also: Nodebb Plugins.

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