Source Code

Source Code:

Batch Service -

Certification Service -

Certificate Registry -

Sunbird-RC -

Environment and API Configurations -

ES Mappings:

Database setup:

Merge courses job(samza) (After release-5.0.0, this became a flink job and moved to Lern data-pipeline repo.)


Flink Jobs

Before release-5.0.0

Activity aggregate updater, Cert-preprocessor, Cert-generator, Relational cache updater

Assessment Aggregator

Flink Job Configurations - sunbird-learning-platform/main.yml

After release-5.0.0 all flink jobs are in below repo:

Report Jobs :

  1. Progress Exhaust

  2. User Info Exhaust

  3. Response Exhaust (before release-5.0.0) ( after release-5.0.0)

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