Q 1: I am unable to see the total enrolled count for a course or collection summary report is not running

  1. Ensure that the specified Obsrv Flink jobs are currently active and running smoothly.

    1. telemetry extractor

    2. pipeline-preprocessor

    3. ingest router

  1. Please ensure the configurations below are correctly set in the configuration file as specified.

    • "collection_summary_agg_data_source": "audit-rollup-syncts"

  2. If the data source is audit-rollup-syncts, then it should be available in the Druid data source. if not then,

    • Run the specified job in the desired environment by...

      • navigating to, /Deploy/{{env}}/DataPipeline/DruidIngestion

      • Select rollup_telemetry_audit_syncts from ingestion_task_names list

      • deploy

Q 2: I am unable to download the question set report on the portal, and the error is showing something related to encryption.


Please ensure your security configuration aligns with the Data security policy setup detailed in release 5.3.0.


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